Wedding Reception Menu?

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Question by *~*~*~*: Wedding Reception Menu?
Hey Guys! I’m trying to plan my wedding menu and I just want to hear your opinions.

For the Hors D’eouves (sp?) we chose: Fresh fruit kabobs (easier than a tray), bacon wrapped scallops, and maybe small fish pieces.

For the main course we have: BBQ Chicken…I’m torn between Roast Beef Sirloin and Stuffed Shells. I don’t want too much meat, but I want people to have choices. Could we have all three? Would that cost/be too much to eat?

For the sides we chose Red Skin Potatoes, Macaroni and Cheese (no other choice), Green Beans, and Corn. They mentioned noodles but I’m not sure what kind they had in mind.

For dessert we were thinking about having like a dessert table with brownies, wedding cake, and chocolate chip and sugar cookies.

I believe the food comes with a salad and rolls.

And for drinks, lemonade, iced tea (June wedding), beer, wine, maybe some mixed drinks (no straight, hard alcohol), coffee, tea, water, and pop.

I’m going to email the caterer later and ask to give me a price quote on how much this would cost (buffet style).

What do you guys think about it?? Give me your opinions 🙂
We only know ONE vegetarian and I told my mom about the meat dishes and she said she doesn’t care…there are more meat eaters than not so we are sticking with 2 meat dishes. She can eat other stuff. They really didn’t have much other vegetables and I’m allergic to carrots  I know a lot of people don’t like fish but I don’t really have any other choices.

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Answer by Kristy
I would offer 3 entrees and make sure one is meatless. Red kkin potatoes, macaroni and cheese and corn is a lot of starch, did they have another vegetable option like carrots or asparagus or something that’s not as starchy? The green beans are good. The drink menu and appetizers sounds fine although you have two fish appetizers and nothing else except fruit, maybe one of the fish apps could be changed to a chicken or meatless? Desserts sounds good too, don’t forget the fresh fruit there as well for those who are dieting/diabetic! Otherwise looks good!

Good luck!

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  1. sweetness says:

    what you have sounds ok as long as you can afford it. For our reception, we are having a buffet like style. OUr family will be cooking the food. We are having turkey bbq, pork bbq, grilled chicken, coleslaw, potato salad, mac and cheese, string beans, and hush puppies. desserts will be wedding cake, and other desserts family will make. tea and mixed drinks, water and soda.

  2. coloradosnoflake2 says:

    I would change the fishbites to a cheese/cracker/veggie tray. Fish bites tend to fall apart. Also it gives another alternative to meats.
    I would go for all three entrees, but only if the shells are meatless. They would make a good side, too, for the meat eaters. Then maybe you could leave off the mac n cheese. If they make you choose, I would leave out the shells, as they are yet another starch (like another pointed out)

  3. iloveweddings says:

    Mmmm….it all sounds good to me!

    Where I live, we usually have the two meat choices. But, if you did want to add the stuffed shells, that would be good too!

    Ask the caterer how much it would be to have the 3 main entrees as opposed to just the 2. If it’s too much money, then I would eliminate the stuffed shells and go with the BBQ chicken and the roast beef.

    LOVE the idea of the dessert table instead of just cake. Where I live, we just do cake, but I would love the dessert table choice.

    Drinks: All sound good.

  4. janecat says:

    You definitely don’t need a noodle side dish. The choices sound great and like they will please all. I would go with the stuffed shells. Buffet style is great, too. Laid back and people can get exactly what they want!

  5. Prof L says:

    Sounds great. If you have to pick only 2 mains I would go with the chicken and the stuffed shells, but all 3 sounds awesome. Yum.

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