Wedding Menu – 5 Ways to Save on Your Catering Budget

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Suffering from catering sticker shock? You betcha! You will allocate about 50% of your entire wedding budget to wining and dining your guests. If you’re already dreading the look on their faces when offered bread and water, browse through our favorite money saving tips. Budget savvy brides can get creative – and wow their guests with a mouthwatering and memorable meal that won’t maximize your catering budget.

Eliminate Courses

A traditional five course meal can be tedious and expensive, so why not serve a three course meal that’s extraordinary? Eliminating a soup, salad, or an extra dessert will go unnoticed and will free up some of your catering budget for what really excites you.

Appetizer Tables

Passed hors d’oeuvres, while elegant, can drain your catering budget. Consider instead an appetizer table. And don’t fret that this decision will scream “low end.” Infuse the table with creative displays – even a vegetable tray can be served with an elegant presentation.

A Casual Affair

The most stylish events are not always black tie. A recent trend has brides breaking from the stuffy formal affair and embracing a more casual and festive atmosphere. Consider instead a down-home barbecue, a New England Clambake, or a Mexican Fiesta. With a little insight and ingenuity, you can serve these relaxed themes in a manner that’s positively chic.

A Non-Dinner Affair

Dinner is the most expensive meal to serve. Save on catering by considering a brunch, lunch or even a dessert reception. Your wedding budget will thank you.

A Cocktail Reception

Along those lines, consider a menu consisting entirely of hors d’oeuvres. If your reception does not coincide with a meal time, a cocktail and appetizer reception is perfectly suitable. Since these events typically run for only two hours, in addition to saving on catering – location, staffing and other rental fees are also considerably reduced. By


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