Wedding Catering Arizona Tempe?

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Question by : Wedding Catering Arizona Tempe?
Hello, this is my first time getting married, we are inviting around 50 people to our wedding. It seems like the quotes on the websites jump dramatically, and i was just wondering if anyone knew of a reasonable catering company? or how much your wedding catering cost compared to the amount of people. we are on a budget i really cannot exceed $ 700 im not even sure that is possible lol thank you!

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  1. planner says:

    here are a few caterers in tempe who can do your wedding for you and keep you within your budget.

    the secret to finding good catering of great food for reasonable prices is to look outside the box and don’t mention the word “wedding” until you are well into the process with them. the word “wedding” adds lots of money on to their normal prices….so, say “party for bout 50 people” and go from there. you can tell them later it is for a wedding.

    here is a place that had lovely food and even sends chefs to prepare it right there for very good prices, called the apple juice junction. the do a nice grilled chicken plate for only about 9.99 per person. they have lots of other options as well. look at the “on the grill” menu and the “executive” menu as well as the “appetizers” menu. check them out at

    if you and your guests like italian food, venezias has a very reasonably prices menu. even though this is a pizza place, they also have pasta and salads. you could add subs cut into individual pieces and have a nice spread for a good price.

    for mexican food lovers, try the catering offered by manuels. if you go to page 2, you can see all their selections.

    if you want lighter but still great food, try the amazing soups, salad, loaded baked potatoes and gourmet bread selection at sweet tomatoes. this would make a good lunch or early afternoon wedding reception. they are located at 1410 e southern ave. 480 831 1600. for online menu and great prices check

    if your crowd is into bar-b-q the cadillac ranch offers good food at reasonable prices. when you look at their menu, you would need to about double the prices they have listed for 20 people.

    all of these places can give you food for 50 at 700 dollars or less. best wishes for a great wedding.

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