Unique affordable wedding ideas?

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Question by Lisa C: Unique affordable wedding ideas?
Im getting married in October and have a small budget. I am not into the super traditional stuff. I want to do something memorable and fun.
We are having an outdoor ceremony and reception, with hors d’oeuverses and a full service coffee bar. I want some origional unique ideas for favors, fun decorations, food ideas, things to keep it interactive, etc.

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Answer by Tonya
What kind of decorations are you having? As part of your reception, you could set up a fall oriented scene for your guests to take pictures. You could use disposable cameras and encourage your guests to take fun, creative pictures in the designated area.

Favor ideas could be cds or fall themed gifts like caramel apples.

One fun interactive thing I’m doing is a different type of guestbook. Instead of guests just signing their names, they fill out two pages of fun stuff. They can do this at the reception, and you could supply them with several types of art supplies so they can make it more creative. There’s a store you can buy these pages from online, or you can do like I am going to do and design your own!


You could also get a canvas and put it on a stand and let guests leave their own “prints” on it in your colors.

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  1. Tasha in da crib says:

    Getting married can be an expensive affair. Cut out some of the costs by following these great tips.

    Your wedding dress:
    Start shopping right away. You won’t feel rushed or pressured into buying something, and you’ll be able to shop smart. Simple plain dresses are usually less expensive then the ones with lace, pearls/beads etc..You could buy a plain dress and add lace, beads etc.. yourself. Or get someone to do it for you.

    Rent or borrow a dress. If you like your mother`s, sister`s or friends dress ask them if you could borrow it. But don`t be offended if they refuse as a wedding dress is very sacred to most women.

    The venue:
    Book the ceremony/reception well in advance you may be able to negotiate a better price then you would if you left it to the last minute.

    Have your wedding on off-peak months. Christmas weddings are more expensive though so if you are planning a Christmas wedding you will have to cut your finances. Sundays and Fridays are usually cheaper than Saturdays. Find out.

    Instead of a grand ballroom or banquet hall, think less-expensive venues, like publicly owned buildings and parks, registry office, the church or temple hall, the backyard, the beach, a restaurant’s private room. You may have to get a permit to marry in a public place, but it will be less than a private banquet room.

    Look around for caterers. Get different quotes before you decide on one.

    Choose cheaper entrees, like prawns instead of lobster, vegetables like broccoli instead of asparagus will cut the cost, too.

    Cut down on courses. If you’re having a cocktail hour, do you really need an appetizer course? Do you need soup and salad?

    If you are having a themed wedding create your menu around the theme.

    Have the wedding cake only as dessert and eliminate any other sweets (eclairs, pastries, etc.).

    Consider a wedding breakfast or brunch (omelettes, muffins, pancakes, French toast), or a tea (a variety of tea flavors, finger sandwiches, scones and jams, etc.) to save money.

    Invitations do NOT fall in the trap that DIY invitations cost always cheaper than the full service. Normally the prices for the papers are inflated and the finish cost is not much less, but will take lots of your time and energy.

    Perhaps talk to you selected stationery specialist and ask to create something within certain budget.

    Send invitations that are light enough when completely assembled to require only a single stamp for mailing.

    Personalised chocolates favours and place cards

    Place personalised chocolates with the guest names as place cards, and the word “thank you” printed on the wrap. This way you will save by having the place cards and bonbonniere, favours all in one.. You can also choose to have your names & wedding date printed. Check some examples personalized on the wrappers .

    Click the picture for more information on personalised chocolates

    Compare hourly fees and package deals to see which is more cost-effective for you.

    Give disposable cameras as wedding favours. Then you can get copies of the days events from family and friends.

    Have a professional photographer take the formal pictures and shoot the ceremony; have guests take all reception photos.

    Visit your local college`s photography department and check out some of the students’ portfolios. They will do your photography a lot cheaper and just as good as a professional. Evaluate the risk.

    Ask friends and family to video the big day for you.

    Use flowers that are in season and/or locally grown they’re less expensive than out-of-season flowers that must be shipped to your area.

    Have bouquet with just a few large flowers, like orchids, tulips, lilies, or sunflowers, tied with a ribbon.

    If you are marrying at Christmas or Easter, your church may already be decked out beautifully.

    Arrange to share the cost of ceremony decorations with the couple marrying directly before or after you that day.

    Use silk or dried flowers instead of fresh ones in table centerpieces.

    DJs or solos are normally less expensive than live bands.

    Hire music for the evening reception only. People are usually to busy chatting to notice any way.

    Ask at the local college/university for young musicians.

    Limousines are cheap enough to hire for an hour. Find out in advance how long the ceremony will take.

    Only hire a limo for the bride and groom; have attendants driven in relatives’ cars, or have them drive themselves in groups.

    You might be able to hire a horse and carriage for just as less.

    I hope these are of some use to you. Good luck!!!

  2. Linda T says:

    At http://www.save-on-your-wedding.com you can get a free download of an ebook “Unique wedding ideas”. There are ideas for all kinds of different things you can do for favors, food, flowers, decorations.

  3. Bride2Be 8/30/08 says:

    since you are having a coffee bar I think you may like these favors…. http://www.favorwarehouse.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=CT0103&Category_Code=

    I’m doing a guestbook like the other girl mentioned too but mine is from the guestbookstore.

  4. kriztinn17 says:

    You should definitely check http://www.tinniewinnie.com for unique favors. Their prices are very competitive.

    Hope this helps.

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