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Q&A: Any suggestions for wedding plans?

Question by ~Penny Laine~: Any suggestions for wedding plans? I just got engaged. I am 39 and want to keep it simple, yet elegant. Any suggestions? Best answer: Answer by Georgiaeverything should be white. and you should have gold accent colour Give your answer to this question below!

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Revised wedding menu: WDYT?

Question by MorningStar: Revised wedding menu: WDYT? Well we have decided to revise the menu again, for about 50-60 people: Appetizers: Shrimp Cocktail Veggie Tray Olive/Stuffed Olive/Sutffes Grape leaves Tray Phyllo cups with something not sure yet, any suggestions? Main Course Choices: Stuffed Chicken Breastj Carved Oven Roasted Turkey Carved Roast Beef Herb Roasted New […]

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Any wedding ideas for a small wedding?

Question by calinurse: Any wedding ideas for a small wedding? I have changed my wedding date from July to April and our budget is cut a lot lol any ideas for a small wedding of thirty people I live in northern California and close to Tahoe but I want my ceremony and reception in same […]

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Wedding Catering Arizona Tempe?

Question by : Wedding Catering Arizona Tempe? Hello, this is my first time getting married, we are inviting around 50 people to our wedding. It seems like the quotes on the websites jump dramatically, and i was just wondering if anyone knew of a reasonable catering company? or how much your wedding catering cost compared […]

June 10, 2014 | 1 Comment More

Q&A: I am young, engaged and looking for options for an affordable wedding, help?

Question by Amanda: I am young, engaged and looking for options for an affordable wedding, help? I went with my friend to Club Roma yesterday it was a beautiful place but the price was $ 75-$ 95 a person! I wanted 200 people there and it worked out to be $ 15000! This is not […]

June 6, 2014 | 6 Comments More

Wedding Reception Menu?

Question by *~*~*~*: Wedding Reception Menu? Hey Guys! I’m trying to plan my wedding menu and I just want to hear your opinions. For the Hors D’eouves (sp?) we chose: Fresh fruit kabobs (easier than a tray), bacon wrapped scallops, and maybe small fish pieces. For the main course we have: BBQ Chicken…I’m torn between […]

June 2, 2014 | 5 Comments More

Any good ideas for a wedding menu near Christmas ???

Question by 0000000000: Any good ideas for a wedding menu near Christmas ??? My friend is getting married in late December. Her future Mother In Law is paying for most it and so she wanting something in season and reasonable price. They are from the North now living in the South. Best answer: Answer by […]

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Unique affordable wedding ideas?

Question by Lisa C: Unique affordable wedding ideas? Im getting married in October and have a small budget. I am not into the super traditional stuff. I want to do something memorable and fun. We are having an outdoor ceremony and reception, with hors d’oeuverses and a full service coffee bar. I want some origional […]

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Q&A: major wedding costs ?

Question by Danielle (Reece’s Mummy!): major wedding costs ? what are the major costs when getting married? (i live in Northern Ireland). also any tips on keeping costs as low as possible would be appreciated!! 😀 Best answer: Answer by Bob Dyeah,get married in your backyard. keep it real small.20 people or less,then go to […]

May 21, 2014 | 5 Comments More

Very small wedding what to do?

Question by Future Mrs. Patrick: Very small wedding what to do? My fiance and I are having a very small wedding like 30-40 people just a traditional wedding only its in winter in December so 2 questions what kind of food should we serve (were on a VERY tight budget) and some of my family […]

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