Southern Wedding Reception Menu Ideas

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Wedding reception is an important event that takes place after a wedding. It is the most significant one since after the wedding ceremony is over it is the time for the couple and guests to spend some time together. Not only the wedding party but also the guests will enjoy the moment since it is an opportunity for them to meet each other may be after a long time.

Wedding ceremony may be scheduled at any time of the day either in the morning or in the evening. Based on the time of wedding it is necessary to arrange for the food for morning, mid-day or dinner as the case may be. For a successful reception planning, one should have southern wedding reception menu ideas.

Since the food and beverages occupies about half of the budget allotted for wedding, southern wedding reception menu ideas becomes more significant. The first step in planning for the food is to find a good caterer and decide on the catering style. For that review of the prevailing caterers will be essential and one will have to collect information on the details needed regarding the catering.

Then the southern wedding reception menu idea one has in mind is used to formulate a proper menu. While preparing the menu some factors need to be considered. Basically menu is the one which sets the character to the entire event. The guests should be considered while planning.

Even though some special foods with spicy ingredients are included in the menu, it is better to keep some standard foods which are capable of satisfying all the palates. Quality should be given more importance than the quantity. Try to include more varieties of food in the menu than plenty of few varieties. The flavor and presentation should provide variety.

The menu should be suitable to the theme of reception too. While planning the menu it should be balanced for vegetarians and non vegetarians. Similarly if hot drinks are included for those who consume alcohol a soft drink substitute should be arranged for teetotalers. The dishes prepared according to the menu can be served in different ways say a seated meal, buffet or passed tray.


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