Q&A: major wedding costs ?

| May 21, 2014 | 5 Comments

Question by Danielle (Reece’s Mummy!): major wedding costs ?
what are the major costs when getting married? (i live in Northern Ireland).

also any tips on keeping costs as low as possible would be appreciated!! 😀

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Answer by Bob D
yeah,get married in your backyard. keep it real small.20 people or less,then go to reno.

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  1. ggolobe says:

    The church, the reception food and drinks. That gets expensive. You have to plan the menu and stick to a budget. One church that I looked at was $ 1,500.00! Yeah! I finally got an open date at my own church for $ 350.00. But, the biggest expense is the food and drinks. Search on Craigslist for a photographer. You can find one cheap. Just make sure they take high resolution photos.

  2. Ralfcoder says:

    Not sure what the customs are in Ireland, but here in the US, the big costs are: renting a hall for the reception after the wedding, hiring a band or DJ, getting a caterer to feed the guests, and getting a grand white dress that you’ll never use again.

    The solution is to get married in the summer, and use a public park for the reception, or have the reception at your home, keeping the meal simple, get a boombox and your favorite CDs for the music, and get a simple dress that you might use for other occasions.

    Weddings are often huge elaborate affairs that cost a bundle. It baffles me that people do this so often when they are just starting out in life, and the young couple could use that money to start their life out on a decent financial footing. If you want to have a big party, save the money, and celebrate your 25th anniversary instead. Any 2 people can get married. It takes work to make it last awhile.

  3. My thumb is bigger than yours says:

    The biggest chunk of money tends to go towards the food and drinks.

    A wedding dress can also be pretty expensive depending upon what kind you want.

    To keep the cost of your wedding down, sit down and think about all the things that are important to you, and all the things you could do without. Then eliminate all the unimportant things.

  4. OriginalBubble says:

    Make your own invitations – you can get some that you print on your home PC from Marks & Spencer.
    Buy a wedding cake from Marks & Spencer or Asda. No-one really eats it anyway!

  5. miss'n my mom says:

    the most expensive part is the reception but there are always was of saving. If you are using a hall be sure to ask what is included and find a package that includes the bar, cake and dinner. Also be sure to watch for the added gratituity. You can have a small gathering at a home with home prepared food also.

    I made all the flower arrangements for my wedding using silk flowers and the hall i used supplied all the linens, candles, cake , dishes, clean up … they were awesome and did it all.

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