Q&A: How much did your wedding planner cost you? ?

| April 25, 2014 | 2 Comments

Question by Mrs. M: How much did your wedding planner cost you? ?
What service did they provide? (i.e. Beginning to end planning, Day of coordination, & etc.)

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Answer by Letting You Know
I was my own wedding planner. Didn’t cost a dime! Best way to go! And a lot easier than you think. Just be organized.

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  1. skye says:

    Best advice I can give you is to ditch the wedding planner idea. You can save so much if you plan the whole thing yourself. Most useful thing I ever did was spend $ 10 at the news agent on a bridal diary. It had all the checklists and planning guides and it was honestly my bible. Planners can be very expensive and your wedding could be so much more personal if youdo it yourself. Just an idea.

  2. dana_smith_08 says:

    nothing.. it was free.. cus i did it myself

    i took a 10 cent 70 pages spiral notebook

    wrote down tons of ideas i had seen

    wrote down wat i HAD to have and what id LIKE to have

    wrote down what i owed to places

    it is really smiple

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