Q&A: Any suggestions for wedding plans?

| June 21, 2014 | 3 Comments

Question by ~Penny Laine~: Any suggestions for wedding plans?
I just got engaged. I am 39 and want to keep it simple, yet elegant.

Any suggestions?

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Answer by Georgia
everything should be white. and you should have gold accent colour

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  1. julez says:

    I got married at 34 and I wanted it simple also. I didnt want to be one of those brides who micro-manage everything. I wasnt picky on flowers, so I let the person in charge of flowers choose the ones that were in my color scheme and in season. She was the pro, I left it to her. With the cake, I said what colors I wanted and the flavor, and left it to them. I let my mother in law choose the location (she has better taste than me and it worked out great). I trusted the professionals to do their jobs and my wedding was absolutely wonderful and I didnt stress about it for even 2 minutes.

  2. Drop short and duck says:

    All white is OK but keep away from those jam donuts.

  3. sillywhisper says:

    I’d prefer to skip the formal wedding and reception in favor of a really nice honeymoon. If I did decide to have the traditional wedding and reception, I’d do it small. My guest list would be 20 to 30 people max. I see no reason for several attendants, flower girls or ring bearers. I don’t care for dancing much and I don’t want to hang around for hours at a reception. I’d like an outdoor summer morning wedding, followed by an indoor mid morning champagne brunch. Early in the afternoon, I’d want to be on my way to the airport with my husband starting our honeymoon.

    I don’t want to wear a traditional wedding dress anymore. I’ve already been married once and at my age, a simple white “A” line dress with a matching jacket or pashmina seems more appropriate. My favorite flowers are sweet peas because they are so vibrant. I’d like those to carry, or full bloom fragrant bi-color tea roses. My husband to be looks great in either a grey or blue suit. I don’t know what flower he would like for a boutonniere. Some outdoor locations wouldn’t require much in the way of flowers. Perhaps I might rent some large potted trees and ferns to set the stage so to speak.

    Here there is a rather romantic local venue that I’ve considered, Multnomah Falls Lodge. It is intimate, the view breath taking and the lodge is classy. Someone to play some classical music on a piano with a harp and perhaps some strings would be nice, but I don’t want a vocalist.

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