How much of the wedding plans did your Fiance help out with?

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Question by Sandra-Daniella’s Mum: How much of the wedding plans did your Fiance help out with?
How involved was your fiance with the wedding plans? Or was it pretty much left up to you and your maid of honer/Bridesmaids or Mum?

Thanks Heaps!!

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Answer by I’m Awesome is TTC #2!

i actually did everything. i didnt have much help at all from the brides maids either.

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  1. Kelly says:

    So far just myself and my aunt. His mom and my mom here & there.

    He just said he wanted real china, not paper plates & plastic utensils at the reception.

    He is taking care of the alcohol though, I’m not a drinker so I don’t know much on different alcohols and which is better. He says I’d make a really bad bartender because really the only drinks I know, the name of the liquor is in the name of the

    Edit: I found out for his first wedding, he took care of the church, and liquor. His first wife took care of the flowers, decorations, & clothes. Everything else was a team effort between them, mom’s and bridal party or was available. His first wife passed away.

  2. music_kel says:

    Mine has helped out a lot!

    He actually designed both our save the dates and our formal invitations. He has helped me put the invitations together and stuff all the envelopes.
    He went with me to finalize details with the florist. He also helped with the cake tasting and everything.
    He was very opinionated when we were picking out tux attire for both him and the groomsmen.
    He went with me to four of my five bridesmaids fitting to help pick a dress.
    He was there for my flower girl fitting and helped pick her dress.
    He helped me pick a veil.
    He was there for my final dress decision too, (I don’t believe in the bad luck of seeing the dress before the wedding)
    He helped me pick my shoes.
    He and I picked matching wedding rings and are discussing engravings currently.
    We picked the menu together.
    He also helped me with all the gifts for the bridal party as well.
    He is currently helping with the registry, too.
    He even went with me and my grandparents and mom to pick the location!

    I think the only thing he hasn’t been a part of in the planning was the party favors, picking out hotels for the guests, our honeymoon suite, the music and the photographer.

    He has wanted to be involved in all the decision making though, even if he didn’t do the research. Like, I would find two or three photographers. We would talk pros and cons of each and he would ask me which one I wanted most, and then say get that one!

    He has been really helpful, and that has been a blessing. I have him, my mom, both of my grandmothers, my MOH, my sister and I even have a wedding planner! They are all helping put the wedding together in some shape or form, even if it’s just a small task. His parents are helping pay for the reception, though.

  3. Bride 2 Be. 8-21-10 says:

    He didn’t want to help. I kept asking him to, but he said I wouldn’t listen to his suggestions or what he wanted. He finally said something that he liked and I said no. So he doesn’t help me lol. My mom won’t help me because weddings/marriage isn’t her “thing.” My maid of honor has given me a suggestion here and there. The one that has helped me the most was my mom’s friend. She gave me a bunch of magazines and looks at all the stuff I picked.

  4. Saoirse says:

    So far all he’s done is pick he’s wedding ring! I’ve shown him everything i plan before i book it but all he cares about is the cost!!

  5. Butterfly Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ says:

    Not much at all unless you call his looking at what I’ve chosen and planned as helping out.

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