How much does a wedding at Ritz Carlton cost for 30-50 people?

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Question by LillyMoon: How much does a wedding at Ritz Carlton cost for 30-50 people?
I would like to know how much does a wedding at Ritz cost and is there any way to negotiate the price and be more flexible. I am sure they would like the business especially in this economic times. And what is included in the cost besides the room and food. What about the music?
Please provide reliable and credible sources of info only.

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Answer by Iffy
No negotiation and minimum is $ 500 a person. Music is your expense. Wealthy people are still marrying and the Ritz is not hard up for businesses

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  1. Southern Bride says:

    Call them.

  2. Wascally Wabbit says:

    Just be yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s good enough for someone else.

  3. Messykatt says:

    How can anyone supply reliable and credible info when you don’t even say what city or state this is in? If you’re in NYC, anywhere from $ 500 per person and up. Elsewhere, call them but in most places it’s going to be comparable, especially on either coast. The one in St. Louis may be cheaper.

  4. absolutanne says:

    Sounds like you cannot afford a wedding at the Ritz Carlton (no city specified, why?) if you are thinking of negotating with them. Their market is the luxury, well-heeled, unaffected-by-recession market. Their prices will be inelastic to the economic times. Ritz-Carlton can bring anything you want in house (makeup/hair, photography, music, catering, entertainment, they probably have a dress boutique) it depends on your budget.

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