Green Weddings – Tips on How to Make the Wedding Menu Earth-Friendly

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Looking beyond the basic menu set for weddings? Tired of the same old fancy appetizers and elaborately named dishes? Want to have a trendy wedding and go green for the reception? If you want to serve meaningful food which won’t leave your guests too bloated to attend the after party, here are some points which could help plan it all out.

Go Organic. Organic food catering is gaining popularity nowadays; you can simply ask your caterer about options on using organic crops. You still get to keep your favorite dish by replacing the ingredients with ones which weren’t exposed to pesticides or chemicals. For dessert, solve your sweet tooth cravings by biting into some organic ice cream. Or better yet get freshly made yogurt and top it off with an all-natural fruit jam. Too sinful to be healthy, right?

Hunt Local Markets. Go down the local farmers’ market and be updated with what is in season. Put together a fresh garden salad or whip up a scrumptious batch of coleslaw at the side of your main dish. You can save tons of money from buying fruits and vegetables which are in season or abundant at that time.

Know Green Suppliers. Get the know-how on green food through knowing where they are actually from. Most caterers recommend organically-raised poultry which would taste better compared to commercial ones. Leaning towards seafood? Choose white fish instead of commercially-farmed species and savor mouth-watering dishes which are affordable and environmentally sound.

Tipsy but Healthy. As with your food, go local with the drinks you plan to hand out on the day. Organic locally-made wines can be a great way of personalizing your event. Homebrewed beer would taste fantastic and wouldn’t cost as much as fancy ones. Check out nearby vineyard and homegrown stores to see what’s available.

Green Cake, Anyone? Why not substitute organic milk, flour, eggs and sugar to get that delicious and rich cake all your guests will die for? It will be a bit more expensive, but then how many times do you get to have an organic wedding cake? See your baker and inquire about upgrading an ordinary cake order into an organic masterpiece. Spread the love for Mother Earth by giving out organic cupcakes as your wedding favors. Make sure the packaging is Earth-friendly, too.

Every Detail Counts. It’s not only with the food and drinks but also with the ensemble that goes along with it. Use recycled paper in making menu cards and make them as fashionable as possible without harming the environment. Get rid of anything canned or prepared with preservatives. It can help save time but then it also would be unhealthy for all your family and friends.

On the day, your guests will feel full of love and they will sincerely thank you for the wonderful meal. Don’t forget to put a sign nearby the buffet table to let your friends know about your Green Wedding Menu. Include the name of the local suppliers and organic caterers and help promote organic food. Think about it, you got married and you got to save the environment. Now that’s one day that everyone should definitely toast to. By


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