Cheap Wedding Menu Ideas For Less Than $10 a Head

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Cheap wedding menu ideas for less than $10! Is that possible? Not if you have spent ages looking at various caterers, comparing menus, taste and price, they will be charging at least double and that could be just for the hors d’oeuvres. It’s time to be creative with your wedding plans!

Wedding receptions are easily the biggest expense of your wedding day, sure you could cut down on numbers and compromise on the quality of your wedding food, but you probably don’t want to do that, why would you? Poor quality food will invariably get left and then it’s just a waste. You want to treat your guests and yourselves to a yummy feast that will have everyone thinking you spent a fortune.

One of the easiest ways, and often most overlooked way to save money is not to plan your wedding reception at a big meal time, avoid lunchtime and early evening and you will save a fortune. You will want to serve something to your guests, after all this is a party, which is why cocktail and canapés, afternoon tea parties, barbeques, brunches and picnics are becoming more popular.

Cocktails and Canapés

Are a favorite, they look classy and are perfect for a celebration. Hire a local smart club or bar for the evening, 8.30 to 10.30. Have a selection of a few cocktails, soft drinks and gorgeous canapés, waiter served to your guests to avoid anyone over indulging! People will always eat and drink less if they are being served, rather than being able to help themselves. Add expensive ingredients to your canapés; shrimps, smoked salmon, cured meats, caviar on top of blini, crostini, and mini tartlets. Have your canapés served for the first hour only will keep the costs down and then have bowls of olives, nachos, nuts, and crisps scattered around the room for your guests to nibble on. Have a cash bar for guests that want extra drinks.

Afternoon Tea Parties

Hire a local café or restaurant for the afternoon of your wedding, places that are normally closed during this time will normally love the idea of the extra money. Have the tables laid with white linen, plates, cups and saucers. Hire or ask friends and relatives if they have cake stands that you can borrow for the day to display the afternoon delights. This cheap wedding menu will have finger sandwiches with cucumber, smoked salmon, egg and cress, cheese, and cold meats. As these sandwiches are traditionally small you won’t be needing as many ingredients. Cream scones are a must, mini cakes, cookies and biscuits. Fill your cake stands for each table and then have extras of the cheaper items to replenish. Serve with pots of tea.


Barbeques are great for an informal reception and if you are guaranteed the weather. Have a buffet table filled with salads and breads and then have the men in your party to take turns manning the barbeque. Steaks, burgers, vegetarian kebabs, shrimps and fish are always popular. You know what your guests like. Make sure you have all the sauces and a big bucket with ice for the beers and wine.


Brunches work well if you have an early wedding ceremony and then are wanting to dash off in the afternoon for your honeymoon. For those that want to get married in a hot air balloon or when they are skydiving this would work really well for after the excitement! Brunches are more relaxed, pots of coffee and tea, fruit juices, pastries, muffins, breads, fruit, cold meats, scrambled egg are a good start and then have some more expensive extras but still within budget.


Picnics are fun and can be served anywhere; beaches, parks, gardens and back yards. Invest or borrow lots of picnic blankets and garden chairs and cool boxes. Lay your picnic blankets out and then pack your cool boxes with picnic goodies; pies, breads, salads, savoury snacks and drinks. If you want to plan the seating at the picnic tie your guests names on a label onto the cool box before you put it on the blanket. You could color theme the picnic with your colors on the blankets, lanterns and bunting and don’t forget the recycled plates, cutlery and cups!

With all of the cheap menu ideas you can serve your wedding cake as the dessert, maybe with ice cream if you feel it needs something extra, saving you more money! By


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